Sensibly Organized Spaces

Disorganization affects more than just your space. The chaos that clutter creates causes loss of time and money. It can negatively affect your relationships and productivity. Getting organized will help you be more productive and creative.

Tame your clutter and reclaim your space without fear of judgement. I will work with you to clear up your space and create lasting systems that will keep your space uncluttered.

Let me help you make sense of your stuff!

Hands On Organization

Working along side you, I can help you declutter and set up a system that you can maintain. I can also schedule regular maintenance sessions until you are confident your can manage your new systems confidently and independently.

Do It Yourself Projects

Need help getting started on a small area? I can work with you to determine the best way to organize your problem area. I can give you the information and you can organize yourself.

Lifestyle Transitions

We all go through transitions in life that can make it challenging to get organized. Having a new baby, moving, retiring are all important life events that can be overwhelming. I can help you get ready to transition to your next phase.

What To Expect

My process is client focused. I create customized systems that work within your budget and expectations. I take the time to understand your unique challenge areas and outline what defines your success in using these areas.

Clients receive a free telephone session where they will receive information on the initial assessment and the overall organizing process.

At the initial assessment, we will walk through the areas which are not functioning for you. We will discuss how you would like to use the space. I will give you suggestions, tips and resources for areas so you can start to improve the issues. Upon completion of the initial assessment a plan will be created. The plan will include information on how the space will be configured and an estimate of the amount of time that the project will take. The initial assessment fee is 100% applied to the hands on work of organizing.