Cluttered to Clear: Kitchen Edition


Take your kitchen from chaotic to coordinated!

You will learn how to create a family command center, clear paper clutter, create zones in your kitchen, clear out cabinets and drawers, get your pantry and recipes organized, and all about meal planning and food safety.


Cluttered kitchens prompted people to eat 44% more of their snack food than a kitchen that was organized according to a Cornell University Food & Brand Lab Study. Yikes! Drop the chips and let me help you with my Cluttered to Clear: Kitchen Edition Package.

In this package, you’ll …
→ Create an information hub so that what you need is easily at your fingertips.
→ Clear out any paper clutter from your kitchen, so that you have more available counter space.
→ Create spaces for specific functions in your kitchen, so that everything you need is within reach.
→ Purge any unused or broken items and organize what’s left, so that you have more space.
→ Learn about keeping your family safe and meal prepping so that you save time and money.


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