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Set Your Achievements as Goals

Let’s talk about your goals for this new year. This year instead of calling them goals, let’s call them achievements because you ARE going to achieve them! So first let me explain a little bit about how I do my goals. I set my goals on a quarterly time frame. I do...

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Organizing vs. Cleaning: How to Keep Your Home Clean

When people hear that I'm a professional organizer, they often say, "Oh your home must be so clean" or "Oh I hate cleaning". Well, yes I keep my home clean, but I hate doing it. Cleaning and Organizing are two different types of work. (That's how there are cleaning...

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Tackle the Hall Closet Before Things Inside Tackle You!

  If every time you open your hall closet, you worry something might fall and you’re ready to conquer your cluttered hall closet, follow these simple steps! Figure out what the closet is being used for Is it seasonal items, linen closet, board games? Decide what you...

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