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Purchase any doTERRA Enrollment Kit Over 140PV (From me or another Lifetime Member) = Lifetime Access

Why Essential Oils for Coaching?

I offer the oils for Lifetime Access because I truly believe that by using them absolutely anyone can benefit. Maybe you just want to live a more natural lifestyle? Maybe you want a natural air freshener for your home? Maybe you need to experience some emotional healing? Whatever it may be these oils are for you!

In January 2015 I was introduced to doTERRA by a lady who every time that I would go over to her home, she would have a diffuser running and I could smell the inviting aroma that the oils produced. One day I asked her about why she uses a diffuser and the oils. She said that she uses them for her daughters to help with their asthma and allergies or if they got sick. My Biology background prompted me to spend some time doing research about how essential oils could be possibly helping them. I did the research and did you know people have been using plants for thousands of years for healing?…and even some of the drugs that we buy from a pharmacy today are made from plants.

I started with just buying a diffuser and the introductory kit of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. I saw the benefits the very first time that I used them! I knew that I had to spread the word about how amazing these oils are and how they can benefit you whatever your needs may be. 

Ready to Join? Here’s how you do it:


Step One – Buy Your Kit
Click any of the Join Now buttons on this page
You’ll be taken to a new window where you’ll put in info directly with the dōTERRA site
Create a Free Wellness Advocate Account by putting in your information. (It may ask for your SS#)
If they ask for a SPONSOR, REFERRAL, or MEMBER ID CODE, use code: 5335743
Select and order any kit over 140PV (PV = Points Volume) I recommend the Home Essentials Kit.
Once you do that you will be given all the welcome info within 24 hours from me!


Step Two – Celebrate and Book a Call with Me
Once you join with that Sponsor and Enroll ID, I’ll get a notification that you have joined! YAY!
I’ll add you to our VIP group and send you an email with all the starter info you need to know! Once that’s done, you will get the option to grab a free bonus coaching call if you’d like!


Once you join you not only will get Lifetime Access to the SOS Accountability Cooperative, but to also 2 other a-mazing VIP Tribes!!! 

Common Questions Answered


What if I am already enrolled in doTERRA?
If you are already enrolled you can create a new account or you can transfer your existing account if it has been inactive for 6 months. To do so you can contact doTERRA customer service and ask them to enroll you under my account with the ID number I listed. Once that becomes active you can then purchase 140PV worth of products to be welcomed into the tribe.


I have a friend who’s in the VIP tribe already and she messaged me about enrolling underneath her. Can I do that?
Yes. As long as you purchase a kit of 140PV value with someone who is already a Lifetime Member, you are welcomed into the SOS Accountability Cooperative and get all the awesome perks and benefits the community offers! 

Lifetime Access to SOS Accountability Cooperative


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