Get Sensibly Organized

Your kids are running late for school everyone is finally ready to walk out the door and then…you can’t find your keys! So now you are on a mad dash looking everywhere trying to remember where you left them.

Why is this happening today of all days?!

Finally after searching for 5 minutes you find them under the unopened mail on the coffee table.


 If you find yourself with this kind of struggle and you are local to the San Antonio area, I’ve designed my Local Organizing Package for you.

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Initial Consultation

A time will be set-up for a See the Space Initial Assessment. This helps determine what your needs are and we can begin to create a plan for your space.


3 Hours of Organizing

A three hour time block will be scheduled after the Initial Assessment. I will work with you to get your space sensibly organized and under control. This will be achieved by laying out all of the items in the space, sorting them into categories, and then placing the items back into the space using the most appropriate containers. (Containers may be ones that you already own or I can assist you in shopping for these items.) Most rooms take two 3 hour appointments.


Follow Up

I will check back with you to see if you have any questions or if we need to adjust anything that isn’t working for you.

What you can expect when we work together:

-I strive to have clear and focused communication so that after working together you no longer feel defeated by clutter.
-I follow the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professional’s code of ethics so that you are treated with the respect that you deserve.
-My heart is fueled by teaching. That’s why I’ll teach you the process I use, so that you can feel empowered to keep it up on your own.

Let's Get Sensibly Organized

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