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I have had papers and many other things I had intended to organize on my own. Catherine came in and sorted my mountain of papers and collections and set me on track to getting them organized. I liked that she could work on this project during the day while my family was away.

Kimberly C

She did a wonderful job of organizing our garage. Items are now sorted and placed in bins were they will not be destroyed by the changing weather. Now there is room for my vehicle to fit. Thank you so much.

Megela C

Catherine was so great and very sweet! I had many closests/spaces I couldn’t seem to tackle on my own and she helped me organize everything. She works with urgency and we got more done in the few hours together then I could have even imagined!

Rebekah M

I’m going for a major declutter, so we’ve only just begun. Catherine and I have established an easy rapport that makes working together easy, and sometimes fun.

Lainey H

Catherine was great to work with. She showed up on time and got to work! She made a super tedious task almost enjoyable 🙂 I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help organizing their things.

Maggie C

Highly recommend her!! She is fast, thorough, and most important to me not judgmental. She genuinely loves helping people organize spaces. It shows in how effective she is!!
She did 3 of my kids bedrooms, plus my kitchen cabinets and pantry.

Mary R

Catherine came over and we spoke about what she could do, but mostly what I wanted out of the appointment. I liked that about her, that she made it all about me. My goal was to get rid of excess and get help “letting go.” Catherine was there for me to help me organize and throw things out. It was very liberating to get rid of things I didnt need and helpful that I had Catherine to guide me through the process! After our session, we did not finish organizing as I had little knick nacks and years of old bills and paper stored up in all kinds of bins. I was very pleased with the progress and there was a huge difference! I have Catherine to thank for my release of clutter and paper mounds! I will be calling on her again!!

Ademola E

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