How do you take your goals and break them down and put them in your schedule so that they can become your achievements for this quarter?

To begin take your top priority goal that we found last week. Now take a minute and write down EVERY single task that goes along with that goal.

So for example if you were organizing your master closet, that would be like taking out all of the shoes, taking out all of the purses, going through all of your pants, going through all of your tops, going through all of your dresses, going through all of your accessories like belts or if you have jewelry in there, taking everything to the donation center, shopping for whatever products you need afterwards, and how you’re going to arrange it all when you’re done.

Once you have your whole entire task list then you’re going to start scheduling those tasks into your calendar. Let’s say that you know that you always have a couple of hours on Thursdays available and you decide that is going to be your time that you are going to work on that goal. So find the Thursday that you will begin this project and write down in your calendar on that day the first task associated with your goal. Then since I decided that Thursdays is going to be the day that I work on this goal, I continue in my calendar and schedule out the rest of the tasks associated with my goal.

If this goal is a priority to you then you want to make it a priority in your calendar. So write it down and make the time for it. Remember that this is not a concrete path, you can always adjust things as you go if something important comes up.

Something you do need to remember is that every week or every time that you finish one of those tasks from that list you need to celebrate! This is a celebration because you completed something. You’re on your way to completing your goal! Even if it’s just going and getting a coffee, do something that makes you happy.