Let’s talk about your goals for this new year. This year instead of calling them goals, let’s call them achievements because you ARE going to achieve them! So first let me explain a little bit about how I do my goals. I set my goals on a quarterly time frame. I do this so that the joy of starting over fresh comes along four times a year.

The Five Life Areas

When I am setting up my goals for the quarter I separate them out into five different areas. The first one is spiritual, second one is physical, third one is relationships, the fourth one is finances, and the fifth one is career. I like to come up with three goals for each of these five areas.

Why have goals?

Goals are your dreams written out. You need to have a purpose, if you don’t have goals then you don’t know what path you are going on. If you schedule goals and they need to change a little bit, it’s okay. Your path can always change as long as you have that path and know where you want to end up. We are going to start by writing your desires as goals, then creating a plan to achieve them and refusing to stop until you reach your intended destination.

Figuring Out Your Own Goals

Spiritual – Assess your Spiritual Practice

Physical – Challenge yourself to improve one area of your health

Relationships – Identify a relationship in your life that needs attention

Finances – What do you need to add or take away from your spending habits

Career – What do I need to accomplish to further my career?


I would love to hear in the comments, what is one of your goals for each of these five areas? Next week we will be talking about how to prioritize your goals.


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