Downloadable Cleaning Schedule

When people hear that I’m a professional organizer, they often say, “Oh your home must be so clean” or “Oh I hate cleaning”. Well, yes I keep my home clean, but I hate doing it. Cleaning and Organizing are two different types of work. (That’s how there are cleaning services and professional organizing services!)

Cleaning is when you get rid of the grime around your living space. Cleaning can actually create clutter as you move things from one space to the next and don’t put them away in their home. Organizing is when you actually think about where you want an item to live and create a home for it. You then de-clutter or pickup or tidy up when you are putting things away where they belong. Oftentimes I’ve heard clients say that they are disorganized when truly they are organized, they just haven’t perfected their de-cluttering system.

Organizing a space can take much longer than cleaning it, but once it is organized it will take even less time to clean!

I’ve had a few people ask me what my cleaning schedule is so here is what I do. Your schedule might need to be a little different depending on your family situation.

Every Day

Make bed, Sweep floors, Wipe down kitchen surfaces, Sort mail, Wipe down bathroom counters, and Squeegee shower walls.

Every Week

Vacuum and mop floors, Scrub bathroom surfaces, Dust fixtures and ceiling fans, Clean mirrors, Dust furniture, Do laundry, Change bedding, Go grocery shopping, Wash dishes, and Empty garbage.

Every Month

Vacuum vents, Dust blinds, Clean the dishwasher, Clean inside the microwave, Clean the washing machine, Clean the vacuum, Vacuum furniture, Clean the baseboards, Wash the shower curtain, Clean the fridge, Clean the oven, and Toss expired food.

Click HERE to download a printable cleaning schedule.