Organizing your Hall Closet or Front Closet


If every time you open your hall closet, you worry something might fall and you’re ready to conquer your cluttered hall closet, follow these simple steps!

Figure out what the closet is being used for

Is it seasonal items, linen closet, board games? Decide what you actually WANT to have in the closet. Maybe there is room in your bedroom closet or under your bed to store the things that you aren’t wanting to keep in this closet?

Completely empty the closet

Go through everything and either trash or donate any items that are no longer needed. Also you can move some items to a more functional space.


Sort through all that will be staying in this closet and keep all similar items together. This way you know how many of an item you have and how big of a storage container you will need to buy for it.


Take measurements and shop for any containers/storage you may need. The detailed organization using smaller storage bins helps cut the search time when taking care of chores in daily life.

Clear containers with labels are my typical go-to product because you can quickly/easily identify the contents. Another great option is any over the door organizer with pockets. It can work well for things like hats, purses/bags, gloves and umbrellas.

Arrange the closet

Arrange your now organized items into the closet. Be sure and keep the more frequently used items in an easy to reach place.

Now that you have conquered your hall closet be sure and keep it up by putting things away in their correct ‘home’ and regularly purge any items that you may no longer need or use.