Not many of us have the space to be able to have a separate family room and playroom so here are two ways that you can effectively have one space function as both.


The first thing to do is to choose furniture that can be adapted for storage. This doesn’t mean you have to stray from adult styles though.

Some people shy away from having a coffee table so that there is more open space to play (which is good for younger kids), but if you have older children a coffee table could be used as a flat surface to play board games or for drawing. You can even use the space under a coffee table to store toys and games.

Bookcases and shelves can also be used for storing toys. For smaller toys keep them contained in a basket or bin.

Storage ottomans are another option for storing away toys but that can also functions as extra seating in a pinch.


The second thing you can do to have a space that functions effectively is to make clean-up easy. Keep the toys in places that are easy for the kids to reach. Also make sure everything has a designated home. If you do both of these you can easily have your kids keep their space organized on their own.

Once you have done these two simple things you should have a multi functional room that your kids think is a playroom, but is calm and comfortable for the adults too!