Most people have some place in their home where as they walk in they drop what they came in with. This could be your purse, the mail, keys, or the kids backpacks. This spot is your family’s ‘drop zone’. Oftentimes this spot is considered a clutter hotspot that you just want to figure out how to keep it organized.

Well, the first thing to do is to decide what you want to have actually ‘live’ in the space. Let’s say the kid’s backpacks and any bags ready to go out the door for after school activities. When deciding on any products you will use to organize the space remember to keep the kids in mind so that it is a hook or shelf that they will be able to reach.

Here’s a picture of the drop zone in my friend’s home. She keeps hair ties and bows and brushes, combs, hair spray all in the baskets up top. Then the kids have a shelf for their backpacks, along with a space for the diaper bag. Then on the bottom shelf she keeps all the diapers and wipes. When her kids come home from school they know exactly where to put their shoes, their backpack, and their lunchbox!

Next, you will want to make sure that after the kids drop their backpack and take off their shoes, that they have a spot to put any important papers that you need to read and/or sign. You should also consider having a place set up (a desk/table) where your kids know to take their homework to once they have finished their after school snack.

The final step, you can personalize your family’s drop zone for what you need. If you need a family calendar there to keep up with everyone’s schedule then add that. Do you maybe need a dish to be able to toss keys into, then that’s what you will add. Make the space work for you and your family, every family is unique so every drop zone will be unique.