I’ve been talking about kitchen organizing so next let’s get our pantry organized. First donate any items your family will not use and be sure and throw out any expired items. Once that’s complete here are five easy upgrades you can do to help get your pantry organized.

My first suggestion would be to create some crates with wheels on the bottom. These can go in the bottom of your pantry to hold reusable shopping bags or items that you will be using less often. Jen from iheartorganizing shows you how to create these crates.

Another couple way to maximize space can be with under shelf racks (double your shelf space), pencil holder shelves can be added along the wall, and clear sponge holders work great for  holding sauce and drink mix packets.
In my kitchen I keep my spices in a cabinet. If your spices are just thrown into a cabinet or drawer, I highly recommend SpiceStor. I keep my spices clipped in alpha order in my kitchen cabinet and I can just pull out the rack and quickly grab the spice I need.


​Labeled boxes can be a great addition to a pantry. You could label them to hold pasta, chips & crackers, cookie cutters, drinks, dried fruit &nuts, and candy. Labels make it easy to know what is where and cuts your searching time down. For some items like potatoes and onions, reach in stacking baskets are a great addition, like these (pictured below) from The Container Store.

In my pantry I had very deep shelves (see before/after photo below) that kept me from being able to reach items on the back of the shelves. One option is to use a lazy susan, but personally I feel like then the things on the middle of it get forgotten, so I opted for sliding drawers. My husband is very handy so we ordered our shelves from quikdrawers.com and he installed them himself. If you are not a DIY type then I recommend having Shelf Genie come and give you a free estimate and then they will order and install them for you!

​One final item that is great to have in your pantry is a plastic bag handler. Coral all your plastic shopping bags in one place and if it’s full then you know any others should go straight into the recycling.

Now that your pantry is organized you can easily and quickly find exactly what you are looking for!