Is your kitchen working for or against you? I highly recommend setting up your kitchen in zones. There are 5 zones to think about and they are: Food, Prep, Cook, Eat, and Clean.

When organizing your kitchen you want the things that you will be using for each activity to be in that zone. So, for example in my kitchen I keep all of our glasses and dishes in the cabinet closest to our kitchen table. I do this so that I’m not carrying my dishes all the way across the kitchen when I set the table. I also keep all of our coffee and tea and mugs in a cabinet above our coffee maker.

So, following that pattern, everything that is in the food zone would be your pantry and any pantry items and your fridge/freezer. The prep zone includes all of your cutting boards and knives. The cook zone has all of my mixing bowls and pots and pans. Then finally, the Clean zone is under my sink which is also next to my dishwasher where I keep all of my kitchen cleaning supplies.

Finally, to get your kitchen working for you take some time and decide where you want each zone to be and start arranging the things that belong in that zone in their rightful place. As you do this see if there is something you can manage to get rid of. For example you finally get all your cooking utensils together and realize you have 5 nylon spatulas…well maybe you only need 2 not all 5. Remember that every little change you can make can help save time and help you to use your time more effectively!

I’d love to hear if you have zones already in your kitchen or if you are going to work on getting them set-up?