Time Management

With it now being spring and the days getting longer, it is a great time to take a look at how you’re spending the time that you have. Will you continue to spend it the way that you have been or will you make some changes?

The best way to do this is by doing a time audit. For one week write down everything that you do and how much time you spend doing it. At the end of the week tally up the total time spent for each item.

Look at what the top 5 things are that you spend the most time on. Are these your priorities? What things could use a little more time spent on them? What are you spending time on that you don’t really enjoy or value?

You can apply this concept for your time at work as well as the time you spend outside of work.

Here is an example of how a time audit looks:
56hrs Sleeping
40hrs Working
20hrs Babysitting
15hrs Eating
14hrs TV
8hrs Driving
7hrs House Work
5hrs Church
3hrs Music Practice
Total: 168hrs (24hrs * 7 days)

In this case, one of the top 5 ways that this person spent their time was watching TV. I personally would not consider TV to be a top priority, so if this was my time audit I would maybe choose to go for 14 days without TV. Sure that might be a little extreme, but during those two weeks you could work on things that have a higher priority level to you. For example, for me I would instead work on some home renovation projects, gardening, and make more freezer meals. By adjusting how I spend my time, I could potentially add value to not only my home, but my life.

So, take some time this week and see how much time you are spending on things that might not be your top priorities. Start the season right by spending your valuable time on things that are meaningful to you.