Home school Records

I had a couple of readers ask for some resources on how to get their homeschool records organized so I’ll be touching on that today. If you are considering or you are currently homeschooling your children there is a lot of record keeping involved.

First, let’s talk curriculum. Every country and even state has different requirements on curriculum and what records need to be kept. So be sure and check out https://www.hslda.org/laws/ (for the U.S.) and check back regularly for changes to know what you should be tracking. For scheduling out lessons I recommend Homeschool Tracker. With this program you can not only schedule lessons, but you can track records and even create report cards and transcripts. If you’re more of a pen and paper person check out some of the Homeschool Planners over on TheHomeschoolMom.

With homeschooling it’s easy to be focused on curriculum, but something that is equally if not more important are your records. Some types of records that should be kept are documentation of organization memberships, volunteer hours, standardized test scores, immunizations, and transcripts. The most important thing though is to make sure all of these records are up to date at the end of each cycle (be it monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

To help with keeping good records, grade work promptly and record them regularly. When organizing these record you can organize by age or year. Color-coding can help with this. Also keep in mind that any more recent records you might want to keep close-by while older records you don’t necessarily need to keep in an easy access location.

Something that can be helpful for when it’s time for your student to enter the workforce or apply to colleges, is to keep portfolios of all your children’s major projects.

One final note, keep both hardcopy and digital files. You never know when a natural disaster or a coffee spill is going to happen!

If there’s another topic you would be interested in having me write about, please feel free to leave a comment below.