Kid Clothes

Last week I talked about organizing the kid’s playroom over on Mommy Gorgeous. So now let’s talk about how to tackle kid’s clothes.
First you will want to gather every piece of clothing together and sort into four piles: Trash, Donate, Store, and Keep. During this sorting keep in mind that you should be purging any clothes that have holes or tears. The store pile should have in it any sizes your kids have outgrown (if you are keeping them for siblings) and any off-season clothes.
Now that the clothes are sorted, let’s talk storage. The best way to put away kid’s clothes is in a drawer or bin with a label on it. This way you can start to teach your kids how to put away their own clothes. Here’s how Erika from LivingWellMom did just this.


Another great option when putting away kid’s clothing (or anyone’s clothing for that matter) is to fold vertically. Not only does this make more space in the drawer, but you can actually see what clothes are available without pulling out stacks. This is demonstrated great over on the OhJoy blog…they even labeled the drawers!


If you’re putting away baby clothes, a great option is to just roll them. Carrie over on ApartmentTherpy shares how a reader did just that…she even used an ornament box to help keep the rolls in place!


A couple other options are to store clothes where outfits are already paired together or to even place the outfits for the week out ahead of time.

Share in the comments what you do to organize your kid’s clothes!